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Austrian immigrant, Joseph Stern believed that with the combination of quality and craftsmanship, one could create the perfect piece of jewellery. So, when he opened the very first Sterns store in Johannesburg in 1896, this was one of his core values. Now more than 115 years later, the Sterns brand still holds on to that very philosophy.

Our desire to share the joy and to be there for all of life’s special occasions is what sets us apart and makes us more than just your preferred jeweler. Sterns specializes in gifting, beautiful design and diamonds. We design beautiful jewellery that takes your breath away. Our stores are welcoming and with the credit options, it means that breathtaking jewellery is accessible to you.

We want to be there and share in the joy in all of life’s significant moments whether it’s a birthday, a romantic proposal, a first anniversary or just the joy of giving for no reason.



Purchasing a diamond, irrespective of the end use, is a very important occasion. Much thought and consideration should be put into the process. After all, some of life’s greatest milestones are marked with a diamond. From engagements and anniversaries to birthdays and special holidays, we’ve got something for every occasion.

A diamond purchase is made best when you know everything you need to know about your diamond. Starting with the 4 C’s.


A carat is the standard unit for the weight of a diamond. One carat is worth 100 ‘points’. So a quarter carat diamond is a ‘twenty-five-pointer’, written as 0.25 carats. Diamonds cannot be accurately weighed once set. For subsequent evaluations, you will need to consult a diamond expert. Bigger diamonds are deemed rare and therefore more valuable.

2. CUT

The cut of the diamond refers to the ‘shape’ or specific proportions of a diamond. An ideal cut allows the diamond to reflect light at its best, giving the stone its beauty, personality and unique sparkle.


A diamond can be nearly any colour. Its colour is determined by how it’s basic atomic structure absorbs and reflects light. The more “colourless” a diamond, the more rare and valuable it becomes.


There are small marks or defects in nearly every diamond. This is what makes every diamond unique. Clarity refers to the extent of natural inclusions or slight defects within each stone. The closer the diamond’s clarity is to “flawless”, the greater its value and rarity. All Sterns Diamonds are sold with a Diamond Certificate.



To keep a diamond at its most beautiful, it needs to be kept clean. You can do this by using a Sterns jewellery cleaning solution, or do it yourself. Simply fill a bowl with warm water and a mild detergent. Gently brush the stone with a soft bristle brush under water. Rinse in warm water and dry with a soft lintless cloth.

We also recommend you check your diamond setting at least once a year. Visit any Sterns and we will gladly advise you on the process.

Not only is there sentimental value attached to your diamond piece, but there’s also financial value. This is why we recommend insuring your diamonds against theft or loss before you leave the store. This can be done through us, or by adding it to your existing policy.

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