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Some interesting facts

  • PEP operates around 2 350 retail stores in Southern Africa
  • PEP is the biggest single brand retailer in Africa
  • PEP employs more than 17 000 people
  • PEP has shown positive growth for the past 20 years for both sales and operating profit
  • PEP has the lowest cost of doing business of all SA apparel retailers
  • PEP’s customers are remarkable people who, on a very small budget, make it possible for their families to live with dignity and pride
  • A unique culture, Sikhula KunYe (growing together), unites everyone at PEP and was recently rated again as one of the most enduring and inspiring cultures in the world!
  • PEP people are called Dynamos and they greet each other with a high five
  • More than 50% of PEP’s store managers are promoted from within the company
  • PEP has three distribution centres in Southern Africa, as wel welll as 13 transport hubs, together occupying more than 250 000 m² – that’s the size of 46 football fields
  • This year, PEP will send more than 750 million products to its stores and sell more than 760m products (including virtual airtime)
  • PEP will conduct more than 300 million customer transactions this year
  • PEP sells 250 000 facecloths per week
  • PEP sells 3800 km of toothpicks annually
  • PEP sells 55% of all schoolwear and 54% of school shoes sold in SA (RLC Sep 2019)
  • More than half of SA’s children wear PEP School uniforms (RLC Sep 2019)
  • PEP sells 26% of all baby and 19% of all kids clothing in South Africa (RLC Sep 2019)
  • PEP sells 50 million disposable nappies every year
  • PEP sells 51 000 pencils per day
  • PEP sells 176 000 glasses per week
  • PEP sells one pair of pantyhose every two seconds and 43 million pairs of socks per year
  • PEP sells 35 million tops per year
  • PEP sells more prepaid cellular handsets in South Africa than all the other retailers combined – one handset every second during store opening hours
  • PEP imports its own, exclusive brand of cellular handsets and accessories called Stylo
  • PEP sells over 170 million airtime vouchers a year – that’s nearly 900 vouchers every minute (and 15 every second) during store opening hours
  • As well as clothing and footwear, PEP sells homeware, FMCG, cellular and airtime products and also offers a range of other services such as cash cash-backs, backs, Capfin loans, funeral insurance, cross-border border and local money transfers, selected bill payments (such as DSTV), Flash tokens, PAXI parcel service and more …
  • There are over 500 stand-alone PEPcell stores that sell airtime and cellular products
  • PEP has a chain of more than 230 stand-alone alone homeware stores called PEPhome
  • PEP recently took on the challenge to open discount variety stores called Dealz. The first fifteen stores opened their doors in the Western Cape and Gauteng offering a variety of exciting products at discounted prices
  • The PEPmoney debit card is a full transactional card that also gives you interest on your balance and that has no monthly fees. Through the app or USSD string, you can check your balance, buy airtime & electricity, pay bills and transfer money. A PEPmoney to PEPmoney money transfer is the cheapest money transfer in South Africa
  • PEP has launched a parcel service called PAXI which allows you to send, collect and return parcels to over 2000 PAXI (Pep) points across South Africa. With PEP’s large footprint and with stores in most malls and towns throughout the country, PAXI is the most affordable, easy and convenient parcel service in South Africa
  • Pepclo, a clothing factory situated in Cape Town manufactures most of PEP’s school wear
  • PEP has its own in-store store radio station called Feelgood FM which aims to entertain shoppers and inform them about specials and promotions. FGFM is broadcast live seven days a week
  • Margins are kept low to keep prices low so that more people are able to buy from PEP
  • PEP operates a lay-bye bye system to help customers plan their purchases
  • PEP strives to be the friendliest and aims to be the most exciting retailer in Southern Africa
  • PEP believes in giving back to the communities it serves and each PEP region is empowered to give back to the communities at a local level. PEP’s flagship CSI project is the PEP Academy. In 2020 there are 27 PEP academies operating within existing schools across four provinces helping to build stronger early learning foundations for about 4500 Gr4 and 5 learners. From 2008 – 2019, the PEP Academy has helped about 21000 learners and hundreds of teachers and school managers.
  • PEP has also partnered with Thandulwazi, a programme of the St. Stithians Foundation, to extend its teacher development programme to the Limpopo province. In 2020, 50 Modimolle teachers are being offered early childhood education support in partnership with UNISA.

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Some interesting figures


55% of all school wear in South Africa
54% of all school shoes in South Africa
26% of all baby clothing in South Africa
19% of all kids clothing in South Africa


PEP sends more than 750 MILLION products to more than 2260 retail stores

PEP sells over 200 MILLION airtime vouchers a year – that’s nearly 1100 vouchers every minute (and 19 every second) during store opening hours

PEP sells 50 MILLION disposable nappies every year

PEP tries to be the friendliest retailer in Southern Africa, PEP aims to be the most exciting retailer in Southern AfricaPEP's Vision and Values