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Call IR Installers for an instant quote on  021 556 4328 or 079 484 2747 for the best roof ventilation installation products in Cape Town. We sell and install a wide range of roof vents and HVAC systems in  Cape Town for both residential ventilation, commercial ventilation and industrial ventilation.  It is also known as ” Twirly birds”or “whirly twirlys” by many.  Our Whirlybird installations  Cape Town can have your Whirlybird installed and set up in a matter of minutes. Prices do vary on size and air extraction rate. We have many roof ventilator units availableHave a look on our products page for our range of home ventilation and commercial ventilation Cape Town.

We have the best home ventilation installation Cape Town.   Cape Town’s best HVAC installations. Residential whirlybirds and industrial roof vents for sale. Affordable wind turbine ventilators available to create the air changes you need. We also sell whirlybirds to the greater South Africa, areas like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Springbok, Polokwane, Bloemfontein and Kimberly.  Look no further for the best industrial ventilation in Cape Town.


How do whirlybirds work?
​Whirlybirds are an inexpensive way to make your home more energy efficient and further improve your comfort of living. This also works with our industrial ventilation Cape Town. With many homes now having insulation installed, hot air becomes trapped within the ceiling space and temperatures can build up to over 60ºC throughout the summer months. In the colder months, damp air and moisture gets trapped inside the ceiling space which can cause condensation, eventually creating mildew and mould on your ceilings. Our workmanship is guaranteed for six months. 


Installing a roof vent:
A ventilation system that is not installed properly will fail to meet the functionality it is meant to accomplish, no matter the quality of the materials. For whirly bird installation, the principle applies.
Proper installation of roof vents comes at a price. The total cost to install roof vents can be attributed to several factors which largely include the cost of labor and the cost of material. When it comes to labor, there is the option of contracting the work to a trained professional on one hand, and that of getting out your toolbox and doing the job yourself on the other.
The advantage of paying someone who is experienced is that they are likely to make fewer mistakes and get everything right the first time.
This will save you the cost of repairs that would otherwise be incurred if you did it without prior experience. Apart from their labor, professionals have better advice on what brands of the roof whirlybird to buy and what improvements to make to your roofing in general. Remember the unit has a specified guarantee but our workmanship is 6 months only.