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Reviews are the written form of influencer marketing.  Better yet, they’re like a modern day infomercial!

The amazing thing about a business review is that they immediately give you more exposure in your industry.


If you’re a business reading this post, there are things you must decide and steps you should take.  Below We’ve outlined a few.

  • Respond positively to all of your customer feedback
  • Try to provide a top notch service and make it your mission to serve your customers
  • Use your ratings to improve your local SEO
  • Enlist the help of reputation management services when needed
  • Choose what you’re willing to do and where you will draw the line


  • Consider the reviews you leave and how they can impact a business
  • Read reviews with an open mind
  • Pay attention to negative reviews
  • Take positive reviews for what they are (marketing)
  • Be aware that the system is messed up
  • Learn more about the way review sites exploit negative ratings